Polkadot Referendum Roundup: January 2024

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Treasury Update

  • Current treasury balance is 43.58M DOT

OpenGov January Spending

OpenGov January Income vs Spending

Spending includes: Big Spender, Medium Spender, Small Spender & Big tipper

Total income includes only: Inflation

Big Spender & Medium Spender - January 2024

Small Spender & Big Tipper

Big Spender - Executed Proposals

  • NFT XCM - Referendum 379
    Amount: 106,700 DOT
    Summary: Unique Network's proposal introduces the capability for cross-chain transfer of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) within the Polkadot network. This enhancement broadens Polkadot's asset transfer capabilities, traditionally focused on standard digital assets, to include unique digital assets, thereby enriching the network's interoperability features. The project has progressed from its conceptual phase to active development and implementation stages.

  • Polkadot Blockchain Academy - Wave 4 - Referendum 375
    Amount: 248,986 DOT
    Summary: The funding supports the fourth installment of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy's program in Hong Kong. The academy aims to accelerate the adoption of Polkadot technology by offering an educational program for 90 students, focusing on developers and founders within the Polkadot ecosystem. The program distinguishes itself by providing in-person education and concurrently developing online resources, emphasizing a comprehensive learning approach.

  • Substrate-etl 2.0: Polkadot + Kusama Data on Dune - Referendum 366
    Amount: 325,000 DOT
    Summary: The proposal by Colorful Notion focuses on integrating Polkadot and Kusama relay chains with Dune, a prominent analytics platform. Following a successful proof of concept, this initiative aims to facilitate the creation of analytics dashboards, thereby enabling more efficient data utilization and insights for the Polkadot and Kusama communities. The project is not only a technical enhancement but also an effort to improve the overall data accessibility and analytical capabilities within the ecosystems.

Medium Spender - Executed Proposals

  • Referendum #415
    'Behind the Code II' - A Web Documentary series - OpenGov proposal
    Simon @ Key Pictures
    51,574 DOT

  • Referendum #411
    Polkadot Developers Conference // sub0 September 19-20, 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal - Final tranche
    Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation
    65,050 DOT

  • Referendum #409
    Polkadot Southeast Asia Developer Community Expansion for 1 Year Operation
    Patricia A
    56,600 DOT

  • Referendum #387
    Polkadot Decoded 2023, final tranche (June, Copenhagen, DK)
    Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation
    64,658 DOT

  • Referendum #385
    Community Memecoin launch marketing campaign
    Lunar Strategy
    91,557 DOT

  • Referendum #382
    Continuous Coverage on Ivan on Tech for a FULL YEAR
    24,000 DOT

  • Referendum #377
    Infrastructure funding for Polkadot Asset Hub #2 - Components
    71,842 DOT

  • Referendum #376
    Unchained (by Laura Shin) X Polkadot - Sponsorship Proposal
    57,781.69 DOT

  • Referendum #374
    Ignite Polkadot | Campaign #1
    20,632 DOT

  • Referendum #373
    Proposal for retroactive funding of Fellowship product development
    25,796.18 DOT

  • Referendum #372
    Subsquid - Public data indexing Infrastructure for Polkadot and Kusama (Q3 2023)
    Subsquid Labs Official
    45,234.77 DOT

  • Referendum #371
    Milestone 4 Report: Polkadot x EasyA Hackathons at Harvard and in London (#60DaysOfPolkadot)
    10,356.9 DOT

  • Referendum #370
    Kalatori — non-custodial Polkadot/AssetHub payment gateway for eCommerce
    44,429.5 DOT

  • Referendum #365
    WagMedia - Collective Content Creation for 26 Weeks
    WagMedia multisig
    26,058 DOT

  • Referendum #362
    Bagpipes - Powerful No-code Cross-Chain XCM Dapp and Workflow Builder for the Polkadot Ecosystem
    Bagpipes Org
    25,910.723 DOT

  • Referendum #360
    Magnet Milestone 2 Proposal: Polkadot’s Smart Contract Docking Station using DOT as Gas Based on On-demand Coretime Model
    26,448.736 DOT

  • Referendum #359
    Treasury Proposal: An expansive course on Substrate and Polkadot
    10,541.327 DOT

Small Spender - Executed Proposals

  • Referendum #412
    Polkadot in Finance: A Strategic Partnership Development Proposal
    3,157 DOT

  • Referendum #408
    ink! + Ethereum RPC = ethink!. Proposal-01: PoC and Prototype.
    9,975 DOT

  • Referendum #397
    Maintenance & Support Substrate Python API (Oct-Dec 2023)
    Polkascan Foundation
    2,744 DOT

  • Referendum #396
    Chopsticks Web for dry run governance proposals and more
    Bryan Chen
    2,000 DOT

  • Referendum #389
    A Chain of Blocks - ACOBJason - 6 Months Continual Polkadot EcoSystem News & Explanations
    ACOB Jason
    8,250 DOT

  • Referendum #369
    2nd installment for the referendum #196 already approved (2/3)
    1,798 DOT

Big Tipper - Executed Proposals

Major Voters Scorecard

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